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Here Are Some Of The Seo Practices That Must Be Avoided At All Costs

Promoting your page and increasing hits and interest is an aspect of your business that cannot be overlooked. A lot of interest and conversions can be generated through Search Engine Optimization, which most of us have at least heard of by now. But SEO isn't a magic word that will automatically and quickly give you a high ranking. There are many SEO techniques and services under different categories that can bring about varying results. Not only must SEO services be customized to your website or blog, but you must be able to ensure their wholesomeness to really reap their benefits.

There are two main groups of SEO practices: White hat and black hat. Since these practices and their practitioners tend to fall somewhere in the middle, there are also a large number of gray hat SEO practices. Black hat services are usually quickly discovered by savvy search algorithms and their websites heavily penalized. But there are quite a few gray hat services that can be disguised as white hat, but once discovered will also cause their pages to be heavily penalized in terms of rankings and at worst be taken off altogether. Due to this reason you need to be aware of the SEO practices that you must avoid.

Link building services:

These services will ask you to write short pieces of content and will distribute them to other sites that will link them back to your page. While this seems innocuous enough, and certainly is effective when done properly and ethically, this method tends to leave patterns that are quickly detected by search algorithms, allowing them to know which sites are a part of this network. Once this is established, there is a good chance that all the sites' rankings will be penalized by the engine including your own, which will not get the quick ranking you anticipated.

Article Spinning:

Article spinning is a cheating technique that sounds like it would be fruitful but ultimately is unable to create the anticipated results. What it essentially does is replace every word in an article with its synonym. On paper it sounds like a quick and easy way to write "original content", but these articles end up sounding ridiculous and are difficult to read, let alone taken seriously. These articles are also quite easily detected and will be flagged for unsuitable content, possibly along with the website, which will also be penalized. While relying on high quality content alone is not a realistic way to gain attention, ignoring its importance is a foolish endeavor.

Black Hat/Grey Hat Services

These are essentially unfair tricks to take advantage of software and search algorithms loopholes. Search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and savvy to black and gray hat practices, which means that your website will ultimately be found out or penalized. Though they might provide quick boosts, these will be brief and eventually work against your interests. An easy rule to follow to avoid black hat and gray hat techniques is to be resolute in your stance that content should be created for your audience, not for search engines. Hire a reputed SEO company to make sure your website works for you in the short and long term.

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