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Affordable Printed Marketing Materials

Hiring a printing company to mass produce printed marketing pieces does not come cheap. Businesses often find it challenging to find a commercial printer that can meet their orders at a friendly rate.

However, this doesnt mean that a company should settle for spending thousands for offline marketing. Below are seven affordable printed materials for marketing that your business can invest in:

1. Business cards - Business cards are a staple of any business, and they are often the cheapest to produce, too. Most commercial printers offer attractive packages that include a standard design and a set number of cards. 2. Door hangers - Most hotels invest in quality door hangers that they can use multiple times. While the Do Not Disturb or Please Clean the Room text is essential, you can use the remaining space to lay out your hotel name and logo, and if the space permits, one or two items in your in-house restaurant or service in your resident spa.

3. Flyers - Flyers are the cheapest printed materials for marketing. Most commercial printers can mass produce flyers easily, especially if they are set in only one color. A Risograph machine can produce thousands of sheets in a short amount of time. Flyers are also easy to distribute, and can be given away on sidewalks, or left at a strategic place on your front desk, or at a partner establishment.

4. Magnets - Magnets are popular offline marketing paraphernalia because they are so easy to distribute and they last for a long time. Consumers can quickly see them whenever they go to the kitchen, and for those who collect magnets in the office, whenever they go to their working area. The magnets dont need to be big. The size should just be enough for people to see your business name or logo clearly.

5. Notepads - People love notepads because theyre useful. Take advantage of this and design notepads that display your business name and logo in a prominent place. Adding other items to the layout is optional. Just make sure you leave enough space for the users to actually write notes.

6. Pocket calendars - Pocket calendars are usually distributed at the beginning of the year. While one side is dedicated to the actual calendar, you can utilize the other side to promote your brand, a bestselling product, or new merchandise you want to promote for that year.

7. Stickers - Many printing companies offer affordable packages for bulk orders of stickers. Stickers are good marketing tools because consumers can literally stick them almost anywhere. This makes it easy for them to remember your brand or your product whenever they see your sticker on their belongings.

There are other printed marketing pieces that are affordable and will last a long time. Just do your research and find a printing company that will offer the best deal for all your marketing requirements.

How To Track Offline Marketing Campaigns

Offline marketing is still an effective way to advertise products, especially when its used to support online efforts. The challenge is how to efficiently track performance and measure the success of both platforms. Tracking marketing metrics, needless to say, is important. Heres why.

Tracking can help businesses in knowing what strategies generate response. It can also tell them what approaches they should abandon.

Most consumers dont care about offline materials. With a good tracking system, you can cut cost by identifying low-performing materials and not using them in future campaigns.

By tracking repetitive visits and purchases, youll know who your loyal customers are. You can then modify your approach to allow these people to keep patronizing your products and offerings.

Strategizing to track your impact offline can be exciting. Once the data starts coming in, youll become more motivated to be creative in coming up with ways to increase response. To help you get more clicks and make your ads noticeable and memorable, heres what you can do with your materials.


Billboards are expensive. To maximize return from using them, creativity is important. Create materials can attract attention, lead consumers to go to your site, encourage them to experience your products and ultimately, make them decide to start a deeper relationship with you.

Subway Signage

The fact that signage materials crowd subway advertising space is only one thing to consider. Compounding the problem is that you will be competing with humongous volumes of competing materials, just to be noticed. And if you happen to succeed in being noticed, does it assure you that conversion is on the way?

The challenge is to make people take another step in their purchase journey. Give them short links to the different pages you have on your site. Then, know which of the links can produce sales. In other words, guide your audience to the spot where they can have a really nice experience with your company. Do the same thing with your transits, wall murals, posters and banners.

Direct Mail

Printed marketing items such as brochures and flyers have downsides to them, but they are the ones often used in cases where an advertiser wants to send a more personal message to a potential customer.

If you find your direct mail difficult to track, exert more effort to make it more appealing, convincing, actionable, and able to direct your potential customers to your online site. To get more ideas, hire a printing company that can help you create materials that can be easily tracked.

In conclusion, its important that, with all the efforts you want to put into your offline marketing, you make sure that you can measure the effect it has on your campaign.

Further, you cannot generalize the effect. Use a tracking system that can help you identify the strategy, the location, and the links that can bring revenue to your business.

5 Steps To Your Marketing Offline Success

As digital technology brought us social media and email, companies today have a wider range of new channels to reach their customers. A lot of people have expected these digital channels to be the favorite choice among marketers. But still, direct mail remains as one of the most effective tools for marketing offline. In fact, marketing with direct mail is reported to have an average response rate that is 30 times higher than emails.

Here are 5 steps you need to take when starting your mailing campaign:

1. Determine your target

Are your target audience businesses or consumers? Are they male or female? Young or old? These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself because you need to determine who your target audience are before you can start the campaign process. 2. Determine your goals

You should be able to summarize the outcome that you really want in one short sentence. The best way to drive the result that you want is to look for a clear call-to-action. If you want to further boost that result, you can include discounts and incentives. 3. Be creative with your direct mail pieces

Remember that the use of clever folds and color on your direct mail pieces can make an impact while embedded audio and video, augmented reality, or QR codes can raise curiosity from your target audience. However, various formats and dimensions all have an influence on the cost of the postage, and they vary in different countries.

4. Determine the ways you send your direct mail pieces

To put it simply, marketing offline is all about your data. When you want to reach the right person at the right address, you have to make sure that your mailing list is of good quality. However, this isnt as easy as it may seem, because businesses shut down, people change jobs and move to another town, not to mention the 200 formats of addresses around the world you must get right.

Using the right data, you can set your messages so that only the intended individuals can receive it.

5. Constantly check if your message got through

While it may be hard to manage what we cannot measure, its very important that youre able to handle responses, whether those are call center inquiries, brochure requests, or data capture. Always remember that direct mail marketing doesnt have to be a complicated work. A well-planned marketing campaign combined with other communication channels will surely get your marketing message to your target audience.


Many business owners may have turned their attention to newer channels to reach their customers, but direct mail is still the widely used tool in most marketing campaigns. Because of its affordability and flexibility, direct mail is still an excellent option for any company that is planning on creating an effective marketing program.

Why Sign Spinning Is An Outstanding Retail Marketing Strategy

Having a bright and cheerful person holding a signage is enough in itself to make people notice your ads, but their interests reach huge heights once the person performs some amazing twirls and tricks. This is what makes sign spinning very profitable for retail marketing, costing much less than a regular billboard that often gets unseen. Brands or businesses can have a real human directing customers to their outlets or premises, this explains why sign spinning is an outstanding retail marketing strategy.

Outstanding Personalized Marketing

Sign spinners, when standing on busy streets can help in grabbing customers in a unique and non-traditional fashion that catches their attention with a variety of attractive tactics. Such type of marketing, also known as Guerrilla marketing adopts a more personalized approach for interacting with potential customers. It might involve responding to their queries in a convincing way or simply making a good one-on-one conversation with them. Even if a prospect can't always stop on seeing a sign spinner, most of them get somewhat curious to learn what you have got to display, thereby making sure to stop by when they cross them the next time.

Ability to Advertise Just About Anywhere

Of course, you can spread your word just about anywhere you want using sign twirling, and can take your promotions to different venues, the streets, highways, markets or even a leisure park. On the other hand, an erected billboard can't be installed in the middle of a park, whereas you can always have a sign spinner drawing people to your ads with amazing tricks, dances and acrobatics. Trying different times and different locations can take things to an all new level of exposure.

Targeting The Right Customers at the Right Moment

Those still images and advertisements printed in the newspaper often tend to get unnoticed by most people, while a large crowd doesn't even see the ads printed elsewhere than the front page. Of all those who notice an advertisement, most are likely to forget about the same due to their daily schedule or simply because they are not in close proximity to your premises. Sign spinners are a retail marketing strategy that's very hard to miss, and display your ads to target customers at the most suitable moment when they are quite close to your place of business.

Making this amazing retail marketing strategy work the best for you is a piece of cake if you can build smart ad campaigns, tweak them to suit your goals, and finally, carefully inspect how effective they can be for your brand.

Recognize Your Company Needs Prior To Placing Any Printing Order

Even though small business and multi-million corporations differ in a multitude of ways, there are many things which they have got completely in common. Among those common requirements is with regard to top quality printing.

Whether it's your neighborhood renovator trying to find a number of potential customers, or maybe the upcoming designer name seeking to entice celebrities, finding high-quality catalogues or brochures is often a demanding topic. So what is the trick to getting an effective order? Below comes a quick guide:

Learn Your Business Needs

For a small business, the main focus can be on price more than exceptional quality. To put it differently, getting the most effective value for money comes in at # 1. Small enterprises are also highly unlikely to require an excess number of brochures or catalogues, therefore firms that provide discount only when the figures reach in to the thousands, might not be the most effective solution.

Larger firms alternatively, might have a substantial print spending budget and look for a high quality finish. In such a case they will decide on a business that, even though might come in costly, can offer them with an incredibly professional finished product.

Never Restrict Your Search To The Print Stores In Your Local Area

In terms of business, acquiring a array of quotes and carrying out a thorough analysis is vital. There isn't any doubt that the on-line marketplace is booming, actually it seems that an increasing number of organizations are getting rid of a physical shop presence entirely and as an alternative carry out all of their selling on the internet.

That being the situation, almost all organizations both big and small, might find that a more competitive option, having greater value for the price along with a better range of products, is available by buying online.

Triple Check Everything

Remember, regardless how wonderful the particular catalogue printing company is that you select, it is your job to make certain that the information you actually supply them with will be 100% accurate.

Sometimes it is hard for the individual that created a document and / or image to notice any errors which can be found. So by all means double-check the job yourself, but if you really want to be sure that the end product will be just what you hoped for, ask several other people to check out the draft prior to it going to print. In cases like this, a stitch in time really can save nine!

Brochures along with catalogues are a standard part of business for a lot of firms, equally large and small. If you want to set up a successful print order be sure you spend some time to really know your needs, evaluate the web based and physical market, and double check anything before you actually sign-off on it!

About School Badges

Badges have a long history. In ancient history, badges were worn as symbols of rank and identification. Individuals belonging to a certain organization wore or presented badges as proof of their membership. Badges are awarded to those who may have accomplished something within a certain group. The practice still exists very much today within the military, government organizations, sports teams, and of course, schools.

School badges are as diverse and different as the students who wear them. They could be made of any material such as plastic, metal, enamel, or leather. They could also be made into any shape, with any design. The most common type of school badges are composed of the schoolâs logo and motto. Typically, these are seen stitched on a studentâs school uniform, often on the breast pocket or blazer (common with schools in the United Kingdom). Other types of badges could include special designations like being a member of the student council, being a prefect, hall monitor, and so on. School clubs and organizations could also develop their own badge designs. Badges could also be awarded to students who have performed really well in their classes or during sporting events.

Badge Shapes and Types

While badges could be made into any shape, these are some of the most common when a person thinks of a school:

Bar badges â badges that are shaped likes rectangles. These are usually used to bear a studentâs name or their designation within the school, which could range from prefect to student council president to judge of a school event.

Shield badges â an alternate shape to bar badges, shield badges were made to make designations look more regal or important. With the exception of bearing the studentâs name, shield badges are usually inscribed with student positions like Head Girl or Boy, Team Captain, and Captain (of any of the schoolâs sporting teams).

Organization badges â these badges could be made from plastic to enamel, and will usually distinguish a student by the organization they are a member of. Designs could be the comedy and tragedy masks for the theater club, a palette for the art club, or a G-clef or other musical notes for the music club.

Button badges â button badges are usually given to children in preschool or grade school. Teachers could give them as awards in their class. For instance, a button badge could say âStar Studentâ or âBest Reader,â which could then be taken home by the child or worn in class for all to see.